Tide and Wave Height Forecasts

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Kailua-Kona Tide Chart

(Horizontal lines mark mean sea level and datum or mean lower low water)

Ocean Wave Height and Direction Forecast

Surf Observations for Hawaii

Surf Zone Forecast for Hawaii

Wave Height Forecast

Buoy 51101 Wave Height, Period and Direction (Northwestern Hawaii)

Buoy 51101 Significant Wave Height
Buoy 51101 Dominant Period
Buoy 51101 Mean Wave Direction

Buoy 51003 Wave Height and Period (West of Big Island)

Buoy 51003 Significant Wave Height
Buoy 51003 Dominant Wave Period

NOAA WaveWatch III Significant Wave Height and Peak Direction Forecast

Kona Buoy Forecast (19.650, -156.180)

Kona Buoy Gerling-Hanson Plot (19.650, -156.180)