Station Temporarily Down


10/01/18 07:25pm:

Temperature, humidity and dewpoint data are now being reported again. No wind, solar or rain data until the station can be remounted after the roofing project completes.


09/28/18 08:30am:

The weather station had to be temporarily taken down for the roofing project at Waikoloa Villas this morning (09/28/18). Unfortunately this means wind, rain and solar radiation data will not be available at all for a while but I will try to get the temperature, dew point, humidity and barometric data back online soon. I will use this time to clean and perform some maintenance on the sensors first. The temporary location will not deliver as accurate "outside" temperature readings but should be better than nothing until the station can be reinstalled.


Note that all the "Other Data" links to radar, satellite imagery, earthquakes, etc. will continue to function as before.


Based on the website hits I am glad others have found this weather data useful over the last 13 years and hope to be back up soon.


Jesse Maupin