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Current Weather in Waikoloa Village at 920 feet on the Big Island of Hawaii

As of: 03/22/19 2:45p HST
Updated Every 5 Minutes

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Temperature: 76.1F 76.8F at 1:17p 67.6F at 7:04a 82.2F 63.7F 82.6F 60.7F
Humidity: 52% 65% at 1:04a 52% at 2:35p 70% 43% 89% 39%
Dewpoint: 57.2F 61.0F at 11:14a 51.0F at 4:56a 66.0F 46.0F 70.0F 43.0F
Wind: NNW at 0.0 mph 0.0 mph at ---- 0.0 mph (Last 10 min average) 0.0 mph   0.0 mph  
Barometer: 30.006 in and Falling Slowly 30.071 in at 9:59a 29.993 in at 4:44a 30.138 in 29.860 in 30.138 in 29.677 in

Solar Radiation: 0 W/m 0 W/m at ----   54 W/m   462 W/m  
UV: 0.0 index 0.0 index at ----   0.0 index   0.0 index  

Rain Rate/Amount: 0.00 in/hr 0.00 in   0.00 in   0.00 in  

Sunrise: 6:26a     Sunset: 6:35p